tired of the image 

staring back at you?

We've all been there... 

just living life and one day you wake up and BAM you feel soft, out of shape, out of breath, uncomfotable and your shopping for bigger clothes... again!

But you don't have to continue down that path.

tired of the image 

staring back at you?

We've all been there... 

just living life and one day you wake up and BAM you feel soft, out of shape, out of breath, uncomfortable and shopping for bigger clothes... again!

But you don't have to continue down that path.

Its hard to know what to do with all the Information out there...

Grab these 5 hacks and get back on track NOW!

Hey There, I'm Coach Nina...

And I've spent the past decade learning everything there is to know about Health, Fitness & Wellness for women.

I grew up in the 90's where it was the era of "Runway Model Skinny" so as a young adult I went thought my fair share of unhealthy eating and training habits that always left me feeling skinny but never healthy.

It wasn't util I went though 2nd back surgery in my last 2016 when I found the answer to fitness! And it was against everything we have ever been told! Instead of always casing the next high calorie burning cardio session, I started picking up the weight and focusing on Macros. For the first time in my life I was achieve the results I had always "thought" I was working towards.

And now as a Certified Fitness Coach, I get the pleasure of helping women all around the world discover the real truth about fat loss, fitness & the POWER of wellness.

The Rocc Body Program has been responsible for helping hundreds of women reclaim their POWER and love the image staring back at them!

So that when you're ready to quit chasing the sweat that has never served you, we are here to helping you discover your inner Rocc Body & Revolutionize your life!

Are you ready?

Coach Nina xo

It's Time To Take Your Life Back

  • NO MORE feeling hopless!
  • NO MORE hiding behind your kids for family pictures! 
  • NO MORE low self-esteem because of your weight! 

The time is now! 

Click the link below and find out more 

information on all the coaching options available! 

Check out these rocc-stars

... and what they have to say!

Sarah Spearing

"Rocc Body is amazing! If you would have told me I'd look and feel like this, this time last year I would have never believed you. My goal was to feel and look my best by my 50th birthday and I did it! I am so happy with the program, the Coaches and my results that I am joining the Rocc Body Ambassador Team to help other women just like me. I am so exited!"

Mandy Livas

"I have done may programs and had many trainers but I have never had a Coach like the Rocc Body Coaches. I was a game changer for me. I used to be scared to eat carbs, thinking they were the problem and after joining the program I learned so much and now understand why that never worked for me int he past. This is not just Coaching to get your to your gaol but you are going to learn the truth in health and fitness. I am so happy with my results."

Brittany Domzal

"I was a cross-country Coaching and yet I struggled with my weight more than ever. You could say I was constantly chasing the next calorie burn. Until I joined the Rocc Body Program I finally learned the importance of a healthy balance and I have never learned this anywhere. So after getting to my amazing goal I decided to join the Rocc Body Team as a Certified Coach to help confused women just like me!"

Mandy Waltmate

"These last 6 months have truly been amazing. I have been trying to lose weight for a long time and Ive been on all the diets. And after joining the Rocc Body Program I was skeptical but trusted in the program and the coaches and IT WORKED!!! I have so much energy, I feel so good and I haven't been this fit since I was in the Army 15 years ago! Rocc Body is just what I need to help me understand nutriton, importance of strength training and life style balance. And with 3 little ones at home this is important."

Christen Schneider

Sherri Simpson

"Nina and her Team are the best! I always thought getting in shape was about getting skinny and it was all about the number on the scale. But it wasn't until I was half way though the program that a light went off for me... it was all about feeding your body so you don't have to starve yourself to lose weight! I am able to fit into my skinny clothes again and I have little muscles now! It is such a great feeling and this is something that I can keep up forever."

Maura Rigoni

"My journey was life changing. In a very short amount of time I took off weight, i went off my blood pressure medicine, I gained more energy and my sleep is so much better these days. This has truly become a life style change not only for me but for my whole family, including my kids. Thank you Coach Nina & Coach Brit for the guidance, knowledge and encouragement I needed to get to my goal. I am forever grateful for this experience and would suggest it for you too! Truly life changing."

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